Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dew Tour Toyota Challenge

Another Dew Tour Toyota Challenge is in the books from Salt Lake. Allisports did it again, and I appreciate them having me. I did several of the events and had a Great time. I think the Tour was skeptical about bringing a stop to SLC, but after the first year (2007, 61,910 people attended) they realized Utah is definitely a "hotbed" of Action Sports. Come on, if you haven't been skiing or snowboarding here your missing out. Attendance (2009, 57,329) was down from last year (2008, 63,481) but it still was a Great crowd. If you get a chance to Do the Dew, go for it for sure. It kinda has a carny feel to it. Lotsa fun for everyone.

And, not to talk up Utah or anything, if you think Salt Lake is nothing but a bunch of long bearded, black hat wear'in dudes with several wives, your wrong. (We can take you to see some of those if you want.) There is all kinds of fun to be had. From Rock'n clubs to quiet spots to have a beer or cocktail. We have it all. Seriously. Check the Dew Underground SLC on FuelTV.

I have included a couple of pics and some video is coming soon.

Thanks for reading!!!

Keep it Extreme!!! Jeff Sr.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

AIRWALK STPL shoe review: the "50/50"

For the last week I've been wearing and reviewing a new shoe by Airwalk and designer Jeff Staple. It's "skate specific" and pretty much built like your typical skate shoe. My first thought was "this shoe is extremely light" which compared to other shoes I wear is true. I just received one model, the 50/50 in Buffalo, of which they have several so I am including a couple of pics. I was a little skeptical about the color at first, but the more I wear them the more I like it. Kinda has a Scottish flair, being that they are black and red checked. (Dude, they would look Awesome with a kilt!!!) Time will tell as to how they wear and all that good stuff, but I'm thinking these babies are going to hold up well.

As far as availability goes they will be at Payless, exclusively. If your thinking that it's a U.S. shoe only, think again because I hear they are also going to be on payless.com. I don't know the exact date of release, but I heard some time in August.
Another awesome aspect to this line by Airwalk is there won't be a model that sells for over 50 bucks U.S. The price tag on the 50/50 they sent me was $39.95. Now that's a deal!!! I'm not knocking other shoe companies for there pricing, (I have a lot of skate shoes) but Dude, 40 bucks? ya that's cool.

Check em out and get yourself a pair or two. I'm gonna.

thanks for reading. asta later G's


Sunday, June 28, 2009

New ExtremePods episode and the State of Skate

So, been thinking about a new blog post for a while now, and that's been about it. Thinking about it. Time to get off the keyboard and write. The next installment of ExtremePods is a done deal and I think everyone will enjoy it. Another movie review from this years x-dance Action Sports film festival. The film is a skate documentary from Portland, Oregon filmmakers Milan Spasic and Chip Mabry called "Rip City." This isn't your every day skate film. It's not trick, trick, trick, etc. Nope. More a "skate culture" film that shows some of the Heart of skating in Portland. It has aired on Fuel TV, and a lot of people are wondering about purchasing the DVD. That is in the works as I write this post. Details will be posted on our site as soon as the distribution is worked out. It's still airing on Fuel. Been seeing Chet Childress on some stuff on FuelTV, and he either got some dental work done, or knocked that tooth out before the filming of "Rip City". just noticing.

Let's talk about the "State of Skate" for a minute here.
I took the opportunity on June 21st to go skate, since it was Go Skateboarding day anyway, and checked out the DC am team at Fairmont Skate park in Salt Lake City. Was a lot of fun had by all and it seemed to bring out the best in all the skaters having the DC dudes there. I am in the process of putting the video I shot together, and should have it done in the next couple days.
We have been getting out to the park in Oakley, Utah a bit lately, What a fun spot!!! It's a small park but has good features, and is not crowded at all. If you get the chance, go ride it.
All in all the state of skate seems to be pretty good around here even with the down economy.
Parks are busy, shops seem to be doing OK, and everybody is just skating through it.

I just received a pair of AIRWALK skate shoes for review, so watch for that soon.

Thanks for reading and get out and Skate!!!


Saturday, January 3, 2009

"That's it, That's all" movie review

I've seen a lot of Snowboard movies, but never one quite like this. Curt Morgan does an amazing job with the edit. The cinematography is breathtaking! Can I say that about a Snowboard movie? After experiencing this film, yes I can. This is the Sickest Helicopter footage I have ever seen. These guys are definitely taking Snowboarding Movies to another level. In my opinion Travis Rice is throwing it down bigger and better than anyone right now. He brings a crew of riders that fit together well for the particular location and type of shot they were trying to achieve.
The film has a good mix of Big Air and Big Mountain riding, with no rails in site. 2 years in the making, these guys pored there heart and soul into this one. (plus a lot of cash.)
New Zealand, Canada, Alaska Utah etc. the locations roll by smooth.
All in all a must see, and own movie. Available at your local shop now.

This is just one of the films featured at the X-Dance Action Sports Film Festival in Salt Lake City, Utah. January 16th thru 20th 2009.

That's it, That's all!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Rome Premature Jibulation Goes Down at Brighton, Utah

Let me tell ya, we had one Perfect day for filming today. Nothing but blue sky and sunshine. The Dudes and the Betty's were Killin it on the Box and the Tube!

Yes indeed, the "Rome Premature Jibulation" Competition went down smooth and easy today at Brighton, Utah. The first Comp of the year had an Awesome turnout and it looked to me like everybody had a Great time. The conditions were perfect and the Riders were throwin it down.
You will have to wait for the episode to see who wins.

Here is a small taste of the video. full episode coming soon.
Check back soon. or even better, subscribe to the blog.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

More new Board talk. the "Gnu Park Pickle"

Well thanks again to Tracy anderson who writes for EXPN.com for the info on this new Board from Mervin Mfg. and Gnu. The trick shit here is a deeper sidecut on the heelside so less leverage is required to make the turn. It also cruises with Banana Technology, which I know about first hand. I have been riding Lib Tech's Skate Banana for a while now and don't think I will ever go back to a cambered Board. As Mervin says "the middle of your Board is brought to life and the ends become more catch free." I've riden this Board in all conditions and am amazed at the performance. In the powder it tends to want to ride up, instead of submarining. Flip switch with ease in the Pow. On the ice the magna-traction kicks in to give you that under the feet feel and control. At speed it digs in and rolls with the terrain.

To wrap it up, if you are looking at new Boards give reverse camber a demo. I think you'll be Stoked!

Keep it Extreme!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Sweet Ass Boards! "literally"

I have to talk about the Burton "Love" boards. You know I really don't pay much attention to Burton for there boards, I do sport a lot of Burton clothes and ride with there boots, but these Babies are Sweet! I found out about them from a post by Tracy Anderson who writes for expn.go.com. That's the link to the post. You have to check the stuff goin down because of the graphics.

Still don't see them anywhere around here at the local shops, and I tried to purchase from the Burton store with the "currently unavailable" warning popping up.
Don't recall seeing one on the Mountain yet, but it would be hard to miss.

I wanna ride the Blonde 155 every day. oh ya.