Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dew Tour Toyota Challenge

Another Dew Tour Toyota Challenge is in the books from Salt Lake. Allisports did it again, and I appreciate them having me. I did several of the events and had a Great time. I think the Tour was skeptical about bringing a stop to SLC, but after the first year (2007, 61,910 people attended) they realized Utah is definitely a "hotbed" of Action Sports. Come on, if you haven't been skiing or snowboarding here your missing out. Attendance (2009, 57,329) was down from last year (2008, 63,481) but it still was a Great crowd. If you get a chance to Do the Dew, go for it for sure. It kinda has a carny feel to it. Lotsa fun for everyone.

And, not to talk up Utah or anything, if you think Salt Lake is nothing but a bunch of long bearded, black hat wear'in dudes with several wives, your wrong. (We can take you to see some of those if you want.) There is all kinds of fun to be had. From Rock'n clubs to quiet spots to have a beer or cocktail. We have it all. Seriously. Check the Dew Underground SLC on FuelTV.

I have included a couple of pics and some video is coming soon.

Thanks for reading!!!

Keep it Extreme!!! Jeff Sr.

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